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Chronicles of Namia, The Five Towers

I wrote 'The Five Towers," an Isekai-inspired LITRPG, epic fantasy with the idea of the overpowered hero arriving in the nick of time to save the day. At the core of this story lies Alexander, an Earth-born coder reincarnated in the realm of Namia, an AI-powered video game he designed.

Alexander, a middle-aged game developer, crafted the artificial intelligence that now guides him in the world of his creation. Having agreed to upload his mind into the game on his deathbed, he awakens in a world fashioned by his imagination.

As he navigates this fantastical world, Alexander is joined by Fallon, a fierce warrior known for her deadly swordsmanship, and Jaxle, a wise dwarf skilled in thunder magic and wielding a formidable mace. Together with his sentient ring, they undertake a perilous quest to reset the five ancient towers before they become contaminated.

An unforeseen twist unravels when the underlying threat is revealed. A betrayal from Alexander's past has materialized, engineered by a vengeful former colleague. Now, Alexander must marshal all his power and wisdom to confront and defeat the forces seeking to annihilate his masterpiece.

'The Five Towers' invites readers to lose themselves in a rich and captivating world of adventure, camaraderie, and a battle of wits and wills. Join Alexander and his team as they fight to preserve the world they love and uncover secrets that could change everything."

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